Welcome to past3d

What ?

Past3d is similar to a pastebin or a image hoster. Instead of hosting your config file, ssh private keys or funny cat photos, it can host your 3D models.
Even more impotant: Using WebGL it can view the model directly in your browser.


  • Supports Binary and ASCII STL
  • Renders Geometries in any browser capable of webGL
  • Public an private pastes
  • Simple to use
  • No registration required
  • Registred users can delete their uploaded models at any time
  • Models uploaded by registred user stay online indefinitely
  • Registred users may also upload cad files from which the STL files were generated
Private only means that past3d will not show the link to anyone else. Whereas a public paste can be shown the Latest Uploads sidebar and the list of all public pastes. So if you want your stuff to stay private don't post the link on twitter or your favorite 3 printing forum, because once the googlebot has it it's public.

Also note that as an unregistered user your models will only stay online for a limited time span (up to one month maximum).

Using a special licence for your models is not required, but you can specify anything you like in the description field.

Want to try it out ?

Simply clickt the New paste button on top of this page.
As an unregistered user your models will only stay online for a limited time span.
So you might want to register first. Registered users can upload models that stay online forever (well... let's say for a long time if nothing goes terribly wrong).

Want to roll your own ?

past3d is completly open source.
Just head over to github, download the latest version und start your own 3D enabled pastebin. All you need is server running python and django.
Also if you think this site misses an important feature, fork the repo, implement the feature and send me a pull request.

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