By using past3d you agree to the following rules ...

Upload only 3D models

Of course as a registered user you can upload sources for the model, like CAD files, as well. Anyway should not try upload any other files then 3D models and CAD files.
Especially scripts or binary programs of any sort are not allowed !
Files violating this rule will not be accepted in the first place, or deleted, as soon as some one finds out, along your account.

Beware of licensing issues

Since this is hosted from Germany, you should be extra careful regarding the licenses of models you upload. In fact even small screw ups with copyright, will get the owner of this site in big legal trouble.
If you upload models you made yourself everything is fine.
If you upload file made by someone else you should make sure that its license permits you to share the file with others.
To cut a long story short: If any uploaded model looks remotely like a copyright violation, it will be deleted along with any user accounts involved.
I'm not a lawyer and currently there is some kind of gray area regarding copyrights, 3D models and 3D printing.
So I prefer being rather safe then sorry here.


This stuff should be pretty obvious, but this is the internet so:
  • Don't insult anyone.
  • Don't spam !
  • Don't be evil.
  • Respect the work of othters.
    E.g. if you upload a file licenced under CC-BY-SA, you should take care of the BY part in the description.
  • If you find bugs, report them. Do not abuse them.

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